mandatory course for acquiring higher maritime competence second and chief engineer
Number of Trainees
Minimum: 6
Maximum: 12
6 working days
promo price 750 BGN in June 2019 for course, carried out in Bulgarian

            The purpose of the course is to provide theoretical and practical training of ship engineers who are candidates for obtaining  of certificates for Engine Officers Management Level: “Chief Engineer Officer over 3000 kW”, “Chief Engineer Officer over 750 kW up to 3000 kW”, “Second Engineer Officer over 3000 kW”, “Second  Engineer Officer over 750 kW up to 3000 kW”. The programme has been developed in compliance with the STCW 78 Convention as amended (Reg. III/2  Sec. A - III/2), Ordinance No 6 on the competence of seafarers in the Republic of Bulgaria (art.37 ch.1/g, ch.2/d, ch.4/d, ch.5/d), as amended, Directive 2008/106/ЕU and the corresponding national standard of Executive Agency ‘Maritime Administration’.

Entry standards
       The participants should be certified sea going personnel and should hold valid certificates “Watch-keeping Engineer Officer over 750 kW” or higher as stipulated in STCW’78, as amended. 

           The trainees who have successfully completed this preparative course, receive from  BMTC   a  Certificate for attendance, which is an admission to examination before  the E.A. "Maritime Administration" to acquire a higher maritime professional competence. The validity of the above Certificate is five years.        
The training attendance in this course is mandatory. The course is held  in a lecture room  for theoretical part and  at  approved by the ЕА "Maritime Administration" , simulator for the practical exercises.  All class hours shown in  the  Course outline and Teaching syllabus ,  are training hours of 45 minutes.  This  course is organized, conducted and documented  in accordance with procedures of the QMS  of the  BMTC.  The  class hours  are planned so , as not to exceed eight hours per  day. 
Final examination is videorecorded, according to the EAMA requirements.