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155,00 BGN
2 days (14 study days)
The trainees should be certified seafarers on management, operational or support level, as per STCW, and to have completed Basic Safety Training Course.
The course is developed in accordance to the requirements of the Ch.VІ/6 p.4 of the STCW, as amended in 2010 and the national maritime standard for this training.

The course is mandatory for all seafarers on management and operational level, and on request of the ship-owners for persons on support level, who will work onboard ships following the regulations of the International ship and port security (ISPS) Code and who during performance of their routine duties, will be additionally entrusted with duties aiming to achieve security of the ship.
The course includes mandatory minimum requirements for training and certification, as stated by Regulation VI/6 p.4 and Part A-VI/6 para 6 of the STCW Code, as amended in 2010. The training provides knowledge and skills necessary to perform duties for achieving security of the merchant ship in accordance with the Convention STCW 78, as amended in 2010.

After successful course completion Maritime Administration issued the respective certificate, valid for 5 years.

The training is carried out per approved by BMA teaching syllabus and is documented and video recorded in accordance with BMA requirements.

This course can be carried out and in English or Russian language, price- 340 BGN.

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