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Train the simulator trainer and assessors- 6.10

580,00 BGN
5 days (40 study hours)
The trainers in addition have completed training in IMO model course 6.09- Training of trainees- and hold the respective certificate. The trainers assessing and carrying the internal examination have completed the training in IMO model course 3.12 and hold the relevant certificate.
The instructors have completed special relevant training by the simulator producer or trained by him personnel or have completed a course for Instructor- Operator of the concrete simulator and have had at least 3 years professional experience as simulator instructors.

The course is designed for current and future maritime lecturers, trainers and assessors that are using maritime simulators in their work. The course describes the application of maritime simulators in the maritime training process and includes the basic aspects of the learning process, purpose of trainign, setting the training obejectives as well as basic principles of course design and pduchology of learning. The course provides training in compliance with IMO model course 6.10 issued 2021.

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