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600,00 BGN
5 days (40 study hours)
Trainees shall hold at least:
- specialized maritime high-school education diploma in “Maritime Navigation” with achieved Third degree of professional qualification in Maritime Navigation or
- OOW certificate and
- computer familiarization.

This course provides training for deck officer, in operational and managemet level, for sea pilots and for persons requiring additional qualification in the use of Electronic Navigational Charts and Information Chart Systems (ECDIS). The course provides a common basic trainig in compliance with IMO Model Course 1.27 (2012 edition).

The trainee will acuire necessary theoretical knowlege and practikal skills in using ECDIS for safe navigation. A trainee successfully completing this course should:  

    To know – different types electronic charts, system data, basic navigational functions and settings,  planinf  and monitoring  the voyage, updating chart information, system-related limitations and potential dangers.

  To be able to – set the system, plan the voyage and it’s execution, to analyze and react to nautical alarms, as well as sensor alarms, to assess the impact of the performance limits of sensors on the safe use of the system, to assess errors, inaccuracies and ambiguities caused by improper data management.


This course can be held and in English or Russian language- price 1080 BGN.

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