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930,00 BGN
60 study hours
The trainees must seafarers completed courses “Advanced Training in Fire Fighting”, and “Basic Training for Ships Subject to the IGF Code”or “Basic Training for Liquefied Gas tanker Cargo Operations” “and to have relevant certificates.
Before starting the course all trainees are briefed on course entry standards and documents check for compliance is carried out in accordance with the approved quality management system.
Trainees not in compliance with the entry standards could be accepted to the course but are not legible fot certification.

This course provides training for masters, officers and other personnel with immediate responsibility for the care and use of fuels and fuel systems on board ships subject to the IGF Code. The course includes training towards to: implement safety and pollution prevention precautions and procedures on board ships subject to the IGF Code, knowledge on type of fuels addressed by the IGF Code, fuel systems, hazards involved and emergency response, competence to monitor and control compliance with legislative requirements. The course is based on mandatory training requirements for ship’s personnel accordance with Reg. V/3 para 8.1 and Code A- V/3 para 2, table V/3-2 of the STCW 78 as amended, the Directive 2008/106/EU (as amended) and IMO Model Course 7.14“Advanced Training for Masters, Officers, Ratings and Other Personnel on Ships subject to the IGF Code” (2019 Ed.) as well. The course is carried out on approved Simulator - Kongsberg Neptune, модел LNG (Class A – Standard Marine Simulator)involving practical exercises covering the requirements of two bunkering operations as per STCW Regulation V/3 para 8.2.

This course can be provided in English language- price 1824BGN for a person.

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