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900,00 BGN/588 за кдп
9 days (68 study hours)- for chief officers
For Masters- 35 study hours
The trainees must hold a certificate of "Watch-keeping officer on a vessel over 500 GT" or higher.
1. The course participants, holding a competence "Chief officer on vessel over 3000 GT" or "Chief officer on vessel of 500 up to 3000 GT”, shall be exempted from passing the function "Cargo handling and stowage" of this Program.
2. The course participants who apply for the competence “Master on vessel of 500 up to 3,000 GT" with seagoing experience only as watch keeping officer and as a Chief officer on vessel of 500 up to 3000 GT have to solve a Cargo plan task for ship up to 3000 GT, at the course practical examination.

The course is designed for theoretical and practical training of persons who will apply for the acquisition of the competence  in  the management level- "Master on vessel  over 3,000 GT ," Master  on vessel  of 500 up to  3,000 GT", "Chief officer on vessel over 3000 GT "," Chief officer on vessel  of 500 up to 3000 GT .
The course is required under Art. 36, item 1, letter "d" Art. 36, item 2, letter "e",  Art. 36, item 5, letter "e" and Art. 36, item 6 letter "e" of Ordinance № 6 on  the Competence of seafarers in the Republic of Bulgaria, as amended.

The trainees who have successfully completed this preparative course, receive from  BMTC a Certificate in the form of Appendix № 1. It is used for admission to examination before the E.A. "Maritime Administration" to acquire a higher maritime professional competence. The validity of the above Certificate is five years. 

The trainees, who have successfully completed this course, should acquire and update their knowledges and skills to perform the duties of ship's management level. They have to know:
- the recent amendments in existing International Conventions, Codes and Resolutions; characteristics, features and functions of  Integrated Navigation Systems on the bridge;

 - the amendments in saving in human life at sea and to refresh their knowledge of the methods of Search Program and Rescue;

 - And be able to: master the vessel in safe and efficient way; make а Leader's decisions; implement in practice the requirements of International Conventions, Codes and Resolutions; assess and manage risk and follow the safe work practices; perform properly and safely the loading /unloading of the ship.

During the theoretical training and exercises there is no need to take safety measures beyond the usual ones.  Before the start of practical exercises an Breifing is held about safe work with the Simulators and for safe work  with electrical and electronic devices, which is properly documented.

This course can be carried out and in English or Russian language, price- 970 for Masters and 1300 for Cief officers.

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