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Since 2008 BMTC Ltd. is owner of the Sail Training Vessel KALIAKRA - the sea symbol of the city of Varna and Bulgaria. The main purpose of the ship is the training of young sailors.


STV "KALIAKRA" was laid in dock on October 5, 1983 in the shipyard in Gdynia. The ship was completed at the Gdansk shipyard and it is the third sister ship after Pogoria and Iskra II, but with improved performance. The training sailing ship is double-decker. The upper deck is made of steel, but covered with teak wood. There are two aluminum alloy decks - one behind the bizan mast and the other in front of the mainmast. The navigation bridge is located in the superstructure behind the bizan mast. The bow bronze figure belongs to the national heroine Kaliakra, who jumped from the rock with 40 other girls so as not to fall into Turkish hands.


On June 29, 1984, a Bulgarian flag was hoisted at a solemn ceremony in Gdansk. From the official arrival of the ship in the Port of Varna on August 7, 1984 "KALIAKRA" became a training ship not only for the sailors of the merchant, but also of the navy of the Republic of Bulgaria. After 1989 it regularly took part in the international regattas "Cutty Sark", later "Tall Ships Races", "Stan" , "Sail 89". During the 1992 Columbus race for the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America, Kaliakra crossed the Atlantic twice and finished on third place of 143 ships.


Competitions in international regattas and won prizes:


  • 1986 Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race Ranked first in both competition races and third in corrected time

  • 1987 Cutty Sark '87 – Baltic Race

  • 1988 Cutty Sark '88 – Baltic Race

  • 1989 Sail Training Association of The Netherlands (STAN)

  • 1990 Cutty Sark Training Ships Race '90

  • 1992 Grand Regatta Columbus '92

  • 1996 Cutty Sark '96 Mediterranean Race Won the silver cup and plaque for 1st position in Class A

  • 1997 Cutty Sark '97

  • 1998 Cutty Sark '98 Tall Ships Races Loyalty Prize

  • 2000 Tall Ships '00 Won the first race leg from Genova to Cadiz

  • 2001 Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race '01 Peter and Simon Crouter Memorial Trophy

  • 2002 Cutty Sark Tall Ships '02 The Greville Howard Memorial Shield

  • 2005 The Tall Ships Races '05

  • 2006 The 50th Anniversary Tall Ships Races '06

  • 2007 The Tall Ships' Races Mediterranean '07

  • 2008 The Tall Ships' Races '08 Loyalty Prize Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regata and Festival – Communication and Security Prize

  • 2009 The Tall Ship Races '09 – Baltic, Gdynia to Klaipėda

  • 2010 Tall Ship Races Garibaldi '10 Communication Prize

  • 2010 Tall Ship Historical Seas '10 Third place

  • 2014 Black Sea Tall Ship Races - award for the youngest Master

  • 2016 Black Sea Tall Ship Races – Third place & award for communications




In 2014 we celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the ship taking a part in the prestigious class A of the regatta "Black sea Tall Ships Races 2014". Patrons of the forum in the individual ports were the presidents of Bulgaria, Russia and Romania. Thousands of people boarded the vessel.

The ship currently offers hourly cruises along the Bulgarian coast. At the request of the clients, long trips are arranged, as well as opportunities for sailing abroad. A special attention is paid to charitable and socially significant events.

With its 1,082 m2 sailing area (total area of ​​all sails) STV "KALIAKRA" is not only beautiful and fast as a sea wind, but also a great opportunity for advertising. The material from which the sails are made allows them to be branded by applying a layer of paint, and the effect is incomparable. There is a great opportunity for the placement of billboards on the bars and the railing of the ship.