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Operate and maintain power systems in excess of 1000 volts

800,00 BGN
4 days (40 study hours)
The trainees must have one or more of following higher education or engineering graduating in "Ship electrical engineering "or "Ship machinery engineering")or any other specialty recognized by Ordinance N6) and have competency of ship electrical engineer, ship electrician, chief engineer, seconda engineer ot watch keeping engineer.

The course complements and extends the knowledge of engine department for safe operation and maintenance of power systems in excess of 1000 volts on board ships. The knowledge and service experience of the marine and electrical engineers certificated before 01.01.2021 should meet the requirements of Manila 2010 amendments to STCW. The programme is also developed in accordance with Regulation N 6 and the national standart for this training.

Electrical engineers, electricians and marine engineers working with High Vlatage Power Systems should know how to operate and maintain them in a safe manner. Certificated persons should know and implement the procedures for usage of protective equipment as well as of the monitoring, controlling and signalization equipment of these systems.

That trainee who successfully completes the course should:

- have gained knowledge and experience in the design, safe maintanance of high voltage systems on board, safety precautions of staff against shock, fire, burns, etc., caused by voltage in excess of 1000v; failure to cut off power supply; communications in emergency situations; ability to obtain information from wire diagrams; structure analysis of electrical equipment failures. Trainees will develop switching plans and implement them using high voltage switchboards and distribution system.

- be able to choose correctly the personal protective equipment according to the assigned tasks, maintain ship power systems in excess of 1000v, communicate and operate in emergency situations, make records and fill in check forms for high voltage ship equipment.

Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" issues a certificate Öperation and maintanance of power systems in ecxess of 1000 volts"in accordance with the form provided in Appendix 27 of the Regulation N6 for the competence of the seafarers of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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