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770,00 BGN
7 days (60 study hours)

Course subject

This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to be acquired by persons from the ship's crew, who have been entrusted with loading and unloading operations of an oil tanker, so that they can safely perform the calculation and distribution of cargo loading, discharging and care load during the transition, protection of the marine environment from pollution, as required by section A-V/1-1 paragraph 2 of the Annex to the Convention STCW'78, as amended.

The course is based on IMO “Model Course 1.02 – “Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operations”(draft version) in accordance with   Reg. V/1-1 para 3 and Code A- V/1-1 para 2,  table V/1-1-2 of the STCW 78 as amended, the Directive 2008/106/EU, the Directive 2012/35/EU and the national standatd for this training, as well.

  Persons successfully completing the course, should know:

   types of oil tankers, their structure, equipment, systems and cargo and ballast pumps; basic properties of the oil and the dangers arising there from; measures for safe handling during loading and unloading operations and maintenance of the ship and its equipment , marine equipment to combat spills at sea and air pollution in operational spills; requirements for Oil Record Book under the MARPOL Convention, the principles and implementation of loading and unloading operations, systems, devices, and the procedures  for Crude Oil Washing the cargo  tanks, structure and use, emergency plans and procedures, organization and procedures of Shipbord Oil Polution Emergency Plan.   

      To be able:

To perform safely loading and unloading of oil tankers inerting, ballasting / de-ballasting and crude oil washing, to be able to correctly perform Oil Record Book entries, Planning  and control the safe conduct operation and maintenance of systems and facilities, be able to apply emergency procedures.


The successful trainees BMTC issued attendance certificate, ass per Appendix 1 to this programme.

Successful trainees a certificate “Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operations” is issued by the Regional Directorate “Maritime Administration" in accordance with the form provided in Regulation № 6 for the competence of the seafarers of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Assessment and assessment criteria

The knowledge assessment is carried out on a continuous basis during the training by means of oral questioning and the results are entered by the lecturer in the course logbook. At the end of the course, the knowledge of the trainees is evaluated by means of written test containing 60 questions. To successfully pass the test, the trainee should have at least 51 true answers. The test is prepared in three versions. Different version of the test is given for each course. The written test duration is up to 60 minutes. As per Maritime Administration requirements, the final assessment  – simulator task  and  writtem test is videorecorded.

Practical examination is conducted on a Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator and includes determining quantity of cargo, preparation for commencement of loading, unloading and de-ballasting , preparation for discharging , dischargingand ballasting with crude oil washing cargo tanks.

The course is successfully completed, when a trainee successfully pass both  final written test and practical examination on Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator. A trainee, who fails to pass the test or practical examination can re-sit the test not later than one month after the first attempt. By a second failure to pass the test, the trainee should attend the whole course once again.

This course may be held in English or Russian language- price 1680BGN.

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