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770,00 BGN
7 days (60 study hours)
The participants in the course must hold relevant Certificate of Competence (CoC). Additionally they must have completed an approved by the Bulgarian Maritime Administration “Advanced Training in Fire Fighting” and “Basic Training on Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations” courses.
The Course is based on IMO “Model Course 1.05 and is in accordance with Regulation V/1-2 para 3 and Code A - V/1-2 para 2 of STCW/78 as amended.

This course provides training for masters, chief engineers, officers, and any persons involved and immediately responsible for the loading discharging and care in transit or handling of cargo. It comprises a specialized training programme appropriate to their duties, including gas tanker safety, fire safety measures and systems, pollution prevention, operational practice and obligations under applicable laws and regulations. The programme meets the mandatory requirements for training of ship crews the Regulation V/1 and A-V/1, articles 22-34 of STCW 78, as amended. The training is carried out on a gas tanker simulator.
The Course is based on IMO “Model Course 1.05 - Specialized Training for Liquified Gas Tankers” and the Directive 2008/106/EС of the European parliament and of the Council, as well.

Training equipment - The theoretical part of the course is carried out in an ordinary classroom and the practical training – on Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator, Kongsberg AS, DNV appoved.
Certificate - after successful course completion and proving the required seagoing service, Bulgarian Maritime Administration issues a certificate “Advanced Training on Liquefied Gas Tanker Operations”, in accordance with the STCW 78, as amended, is issued, which attests trainee’s competency as officers for ensuring safety on Gas tankers.

All susseccful trainees receive after course completion a certificate for attendance, issued by the BMTC. 

This course may be carried out and in English or Russian language on customer request, price 1680 BGN.

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