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770,00 BGN
7 days (60 study hours)
        The trainees must hold a certificate of competence (CoC). Additionally they must have completed courses "Advanced Training in Fire Fighting" and "Basic Training in Oil and Chemical Tanker cargo operations" and to have relevant certificates.


           This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to be acquired by persons from the ship's crew, who have                been entrusted with responsibilities during loading and discharging operations on chemical tanker, so that they can             safely perform the calculation and distribution of cargo loading, discharging and care during transit and                                 protection of  the marine environment from pollution.

           The course is based on IMO “Model Course 1.03” – “Advanced Training on Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations”                   (2016 Ed.), and is in accordance with  section A-V/1-1 paragraph 6.3 and A-V/1-1 p.3 and Table V/1-1-3 of  the                     STCW Convention STCW'78, as amended, Directive 2008/106/EC and the national standard for this training of                     MARAD.


             Successful trainees, completed the course, should know:

                - types of chemical tankers, tanks and pipelines structure, systems for measurement level, pressure and                                temperature in the tanks, heating systems, tank washing and gas leading;cargo and ballast pumps and their safe                  operation; basic chemical and physical characteristics of liquid chemicals and their peculiar                                                    dangers:explosiveness, toxicity, reactivity, corrosion and polymerization; measures for safe handling during                            loading and unloading operations and maintenance of the ship and its equipment, marine equipment to combat                    spills at sea and air pollution in operational spills; tanks cleaning, inerting and ventilation procedures, ship-to-ship                  transfer, cargo compatibility and segregation, tanks entry; safety measures and personal protective aids usage;                    ship protective equipment  for fighting air and water pollution; requirements for records  of cargo operations on                      board in Cargo record book, set in MARPOL; emergency plans, procedures and organization for applying                              emergency procedures on chemical tanker; principles for risk management on board chemical tanker.

                 And to be able:

                To prepare loading plan; to plan and to perform safely loading, discharging, ballast and washing operations on                       chemical tanker in accordance with the relevant standards and procedures;  to be able to correctly perform                          Chemical Record Book entries; to test and calibrate available gas detectors; to plan and control safe cargo                            operations and to control and systems and equipment maintenance; to apply emergency procedures in                                  accordance with specific characteristics of the emergency and the cargo; read the available information and                          execute effective dangers control and risk assessment  and management on board chemical tanker; use DBA                      and evacuation equipment.  


This course can be carried out and in English or Russian languga, price 1680 BGN.


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