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500,00 BGN
3 days (24 study hours)
The trainees who have successfully completed this course shall obtain a certificate “Engine Team and Resource Management" issued by Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" in accordance with the form provided in Appendix 27 of Regulation № 6 for the competence of seafarers of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Developed in accordance to the requirements and recommendations of STCW'78 as amended in 2010, and the national maritime standard.

The purpose of the course is to provide training for refreshing and updating the knowledge and skills of ship engineers who are holders of certificates for chief engineers, second engineers, watch-keeping engineers and electrical engineers. The programme has been developed in compliance with the STCW 78 Convention as amended in 2010(Chapter I, reg. I/12, Chapter III, Chapter VIII), Directive 2008/106/ЕU, IMO Model course 2.07- 2002 edition and the national standard for this training.

The trainees should be certified sea going personnel on either management or operational level as stipulated in STCW’78 as amended or have maritime education relevant to their qualification - university degree or vocational qualification diploma in marine engineering or ship electrical engineering. The trainees should hold valid certificates for a chief engineer, second engineer, watch-keeping engineer or electrical engineer.

The practical training/exercises are carried out using Standard Marine Simulator certified by DNV as Class A (based on STCW Regulation I/12).  Engine room simulator is produced by Kongsberg Maritime AC, Norway, and is certified by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) classification society as simulator class A – full mission simulator – which could simulate the operational conditions of complete Ship’s propulsion system, including maneuvering, change of operational mode, automatic, remote and manual control of the systems and equipment and meet the requirements of STCW-78, A I-12, table A-II/1 and A-II/2 and Regulation No6 for competency of seafarer’s of Republic of Bulgaria (ch.6).
The simulator exam and final test are video recorded in accordance with BMA requirements.

This course can be held in English or Russian language- price 760 BGN.

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