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Proficiency in fast rescue boat- refresh

240,00 BGN
1 day (8 study hours)
The trainees have to comply with the following entry requirements:
- to be older than 18 years of age
- to have passed training in the approved basic "Proficiency in fast rescue boat" course;
- to have seagoing experience at least a year within the previous five years, or three months within the previous six months, immediately before reissue of the certificate of professional competence;-
to present a declaration that they are mentally and physically fit.

The course is designed to provide continuing competence of a seafarers holding a certificate of professional competence "Proficiency in fast rescue boat", which expires or have already expired.

The training in this course meets the requirements of Regulation I/ 11, par. 5 of the STCS, as amended, and Ch. VI, Regulation A-VI/2, para 11-12, table A-VI/2-2 of the STCW Code, as amended, and National Standart of Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" from 18.12.2015.

The trainees who successfully pass the course must refresh and consolidate their knowledges and skills to to successfully perform their duties of a skipper of fast rescue boat. The training is also aimed at introducing the latest innovations and amendments in the documents, methods and equipment subject to the course.

Trainees who successfully completed the course, BMTC issues a certificate as per Appendix N 1 of this programme. After presenting this certificate for completed course and additional compulsory documents to Maritime Administration, a sertificate for ""Proficiency in fast rescue boat"is reissued, in the form in Ordinance N6.

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