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  • Where is the Bulgarian Maritime Training Center (BMTC) located?

Our center is located on the territory of Naval Academy "NY Vaptsarov" and the entrance is from cap. Ronchevski Street - entrance of the Planetarium of the Academy.
The Training department is located on the 2nd floor, office 237.

  • How can I book a course?

You can book a course at BMTC - 2nd floor, office 237, by phone, send us an e-mail, through the course registration form on this site or through facebook.

  • Is there a schedule for the courses at BMTC?
  • BMTC does not have a schedule for the courses. We plan the classes week by week depending on the number of enrolled and confirmed students. With few exceptions, the minimum number of participants to start a course is 8.


  • What documents do I need to enroll in a course?

The obligatory documents are:
- ID card
- seaman's passport or book (if you have one)
- a valid Certificate of Cmpetency, issued by IAMA (if you have one)

When participating in courses in which there are practical classes, which are held in a swimming pool, by boat, on a fire site, etc., a valid medical certificate is required. Unless otherwise specified in the relevant national IAMA standard, it may be issued by the GP.
For the courses, which are conducted, according to a programme, approved by IAMA, the necessary documents are in accordance with the entrance requirements for the trainee, specified in the respective national standard.

  • How and where can I pay a fee for a course at BMTC?

The fee of a course should be paid no later than the date of the course at the cash desk of BMTC in cash, by card or in the bank account of the Company.

  • Where from will I receive the certificate after successfully completing the course?

After the successful completion of a course, which is conducted under a programme, approved by IAMA, you receive a Letter of attendance, whith which you submit an application at chosen office of the administration (Sofia, Varna, Burgas or Ruse), where you pay the administrative fee for issuing of the Certificate, depending on the term for which you want it to be prepared:
- for issuing of the certificate within one month - BGN 5.
- for issuing of the certificate within one working week - BGN 10.
- for issuing of the certificate within eight working hours - BGN 15.
Upon successful completion of a course, held under a request of the shipowner, the certificate is issued by BMTC in a form corresponding to our Quality Management System.

  • Why can't I pay the fee for issuing a certificate from the "Maritime Administration" at the cash desk at BMTC?

BMTC does not have a license, issued by Bulgarian National Bank to operate as a payment institution or payment system operator under the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act and cannot collect administrative fees for other legal entities and issue the relevant document.
Any other practices are unacceptable for us and contrary to the Company's Quality Policy.

  • Where does the BMTC conduct the practical classes in the pool?

BMTC conducts practical classes at the Primorski swimming pool (Primorski Blvd.)

  • Where is the BMTC Training Area?

The training ground is located in the island area under Asparuhov Bridge, at the end of the first turnoff to the right, crossing the old iron bridge. For more details, contact the Training specialists or the lecturer.

  • Does BMTC provide parking for vehicles for students?

The main building of BMTC does not have parking for students. 50 meters from the entrance of BMTC there is a paid guarded municipal parking lot with a price of 1 BGN / hour - without restriction of stay, as well as a blue zone in the whole area with a price of 1 BGN / hour - with restriction of stay up to 3 hours.
In the area of the Landfill for practical training of seafarers BMTC provides free parking for its students.

For any other questions do not hesitate to ask by phone: +359 52 999 795

We will be happy to answer you.