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About the company

About the company


Head office and registered address: 73 str. Vassil Drumev, Varna, Bulgaria


  • Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre was established in 1974 to help the personnel employed in the shipping to prepare for Maritime Administration examinations and trough the years has become a complete training source for professional qualification.
  • In 1989 the BMTC Ltd. was declared as a national maritime training centre by Bulgarian Ministry of Transport and as a Centre of Excellence in its field over the years has constantly strengthens its position as the leading provider of high quality courses for seafarers working on board different types of vessels. 
  • Since 2000 BMTC Ltd. is an independent organization, and its services are available to all members of the international shipping community. 
  • Since 2008 BMTC has become Public company (EAD)
  • BMTC LTD is approved by the Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" for conducting all types of training for seafarers, in accordance with the requirements of the National Standarts and the STCW Convention. 
  • BMTC is also an Approved  Marlins Test Centre. 
  • A Quality Management System was established and certified in 2002 according to ISO 9001:2015 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.
  • BMTC provides maritime training courses and seminars mainly. Other activities carried out here are – small ship repairs and consultancy services; Internet providing; Publishing; Nautical Publications distribution (IMO, ITU, NI etc). 

Legal/organization form: Public company LTD (EAD)

Organization structure

  • Board of Directors

                Chairman: Мr.Krastio Krivov

                Vice Chairman: Mr.Dimitar Karbov

                Executive Director: captain Dencho Dobrev

Line of business

Presently BMTC provides over 40 different training courses focusing on the following main areas of training: STCW Compliant Training, Preparatory training courses for achieving higher maritime competency, Specialized Training for Tanker Operations - Oil, Chemical and Gas tanker, Oil, Chemical and Gas Tanker Familiarization Training, Simulation – Navigation, Simulation – Engine Team & Resource Management, Specialized Courses, Engineering Courses, Passenger ships familiarization training, Ro-ro Passenger ships familiarization training, Fast Rescue boat, OS prep courses,  etc. Customer’s satisfaction is the focal point of all BMTC activities. 

 Being a member of  Global Maritime Education and Training Association GLOBAL BMTC works in close relations with its colleagues all over the world.

The Centre makes investments in modern equipment and it maintenance - the latest versions of Bridge, Engine Room and Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators of Kongsberg are in operation here. After integration of the three simulators the training responds to the highest standards in simulator performance. Training site and the barquentine 'Kalialra', several types of rescue boats, fire fighting ground, modern teaching aids, video films, etc. help to provide qualitative and cost effective learning. Contemporary training environment, high experienced lecturers and instructors and a rich library of maritime publications help seafarers get the excellent service they deserve. BMTC provides maritime training courses and seminars mainly.