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3 000,00 BGN
2 days (16 study hours)
These should be set by the Client. Ideally the candidate will be holder of OOW certificate as per STCW/ as amended/, but all trainees should have minimum Basic Safety Training and Advanced Firefighting Training as per STCW /as amended/ or equivalent and legal training and certification in Radio Communications.
This course is specially developed to provide trainees with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively perform the duties of a Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) as required by relevant international and industry standards.

Recommendations and requirements set out in the relevant ICAO, UKOOA, OPITO, ICS and other publications have been duly considered and the course is a well-balanced combination of theory and practical exercises. It consists of 10/ten/ hours of essential knowledge and  6/six/ hours of exercises performed on the most advanced full mission simulator Ship Bridge “Polaris” equipped with the latest software and including thorough debriefing.           

It shall be noted that this course is designed to meet the initial training requirements, including emergency response, for offshore personnel who will be appointed as helicopter landing officers. Successful completion of the course will be considered the achievement of a level of competence, enabling the trainee to work offshore as an HLO, under the supervision of an experienced HLO for further installation/vessel specific training and development.

This course will be to uppermost extent useful for ships officers acting as HLO, but also of great value for all offshore personnel with HLO duties.

The trainees who successfully complete this course will have gained experience and knowledge in relevant guidelines, regulations and legislation, industry guidelines and their application to helideck activities, communication procedures, documentation and records to be maintained, basic meteorology, offshore emergency response arrangements, understanding the role of the HLO as team leader on the helideck, identifying and explaining helicopter operational hazards, knowledge of the purpose and the operation of relevant helideck equipment, planning and performing emergency exercises, response to emergencies, including:

emergency helicopter landing preparations, preparations for entering the incident area, conducting emergency response entering the incident area, managing rescue of personnel, planning and executing firefighting operations, planning and executing non-firefighting operations.

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