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Risk management and Incident Investigation

300,00 BGN
3 days (24 study hours)
The trainees have to be holding ship officer Certificate of Competence either at management or operational level.

The aim of the course is improvement of the knowl;edge of the trainees on incident investigation and risk managment as well as on identifying the hazards on board so that will lead to promoting shipboard safety and established safe working practice and prevent unwanted losses at sea.

Trainees shall obtain knowledge and skills for conducting incident investigation and for report writing as required by the relevant IMO instruments, according to the requirements of the Safety Management System of the Company. In the cntext of effective Risk Managment on board and accident free environment trainees shall obtain knowledge and skill for cibdyctibg Risk Assessment of shipboard operations and to develop and apply protective measures for mitigating the risk.

This course can be held in English or Russian language- price 470 BGN.

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