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1 200,00 BGN
3 days (16 study hours)
Up to course training аre permitted persons with a maritime qualification in the presence of a current medical certificate for work at sea. They should also present up-to-date certificates of completed courses under the requirements of Regulation VI / 1 of the Annex to STCW Convention 78, as amended.

The course is intended for initial training of helicopter team members in normal conditions and in the event of accidents that are formed on permanently non-attendant helipads on board marine mobile platforms and ships.

As a result of the training in the course, successful graduates should:

       - are familiar with the basics of the international helicopter training and service requirements;

       - are familiar with the operational requirements for maritime mobile platforms and ships

       - know the configuration, designations and facilities of on-board helipads;

       - know the basic design and operational capabilities of helicopters used at sea;

      - know the specific emergency procedures and safety measures;

      - are able to safely engage in helicopter operations;

      - know and use emergency communication signals.

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