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Ship handling and maneuvering

600,00 BGN
3 days (24 study hours)
The trainees have to have a seafarer competency not less than chief officer or master.

Manoeuvre and Handle a Ship in All Conditions, and Plan a Voyage and Conduct Navigation (Table A-II/2 of the STCW Code). The course is intended for Masters and Mates, especially recommended for Chief Mates who will soon sail as Master.

This is a 3 days course designed to cover normal and emergency shiphandling to the Master's level including: Docking and undocking; operating in Restricted Waters; Anchoring; Using Tugs; Responding to Shiphandling Emergencies; Heavy Weather Tactics and Search and Rescue Operations.

The person successfully completing this course is considered to have successfully demonstrated these STCW required competencies: Manoeuvre and Handle a Ship in All Conditions, and Plan a Voyage and Conduct Navigation Table A-II/2, Code A Sec VIII/2, Code В Sec VIII/2 of the STCW as amended in 1995).

To examine ship handling theory and current practice and to provide practical experience under simulation of the handling characteristics of various types and sizes of vessels. Particular attention will be paid to the shiphandling problems which most commonly confront the ship's master. E.g. Coming to anchor, making a lee etc. To emphasize the need to plan the passage from berth to berth. Exercises will vary in degree of difficulty from simple basic maneuvers up to handling in marginal environmental conditions and/or conditions of navigational constraint. Although all aspects will be covered, the assumption will be made that all participants will be familiar with the basic theory if not the practice of shiphandling. The aim will be to move quickly from simple trials to more complex and testing manoeuvres in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the limited time available.


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