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155,00 BGN
2 days (20 study hours)
Designed in accordance with n compliance with Reg VI/5 para 1 of the STCW' 78, as amended in 2010, and Sec. A VI/5 p.1 of the Code.

The course is a mandatory for all seafarers who will be required to perform the duties of Ship Security Officer on board ship and includes the obligatory minimum requirements for training and certification in compliance with Rule VI/5 para 1 and Table A VI/5 para 1 of the Code to Convention STCW 78 as amended in 2010, as per Directive 2008/106/EC, IMO model course 3.19 - Ship Security Officer and national maritime standard. The training provides knowledge and skills needed to perform duties of Ship Security Officer in accordance with the Convention STCW 78 as amended and the Directive 2008/106/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council requirements.  
Course objectives - Persons who successfully pass this course to know - the current threats to maritime security; regulations for maritime security; security responsibilities;etc, security administration; and to be able to: carry out regular ship’s security checks, implement and maintain the ship security plan and propose changes to it; coordinate in cargo handling and shipping stores security, interact with the Company and Port Facility Security Officers; provide required crew security training, report security incidents; keep the required security records.
Certification - The trainees, successfully completed this course, Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" issues a certificate “Proficiency for Ship Security Officer”.   

The course can be carried out in English or Russian language on request, price- 350BGN.

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