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545,00 BGN
8 days (60 study hours)
Trainees must have a higher or secondary education with a different qualification, with a teaching and/or graduate experience or experience at sea or river, lecturers at higher, secondary or other specialized institutions, part-time lecturers, employees in the maritime and port administration, and those with a maritime competence or a scientific degree.
Before the beginning of the course, BMTC familiarizes trainees with the entry standards for the course, carries out a compliance check and maintains appropriate documentation according to the approved quality management system.
Trainees who do not meeting entry standards may attend the course but are not subject to certification.

The course is intended for teachers in maritime schools, maritime officers and maritime and inland waterway transport and administration who are expected to train and train seafarers in accordance with Regulations I/6 and I/8 of the International Convention on Standards of Training and Certification of Seafarers (STCW Convention 78), as amended, Part A-I/6 and A-I/8 of the STCW'78 Code, as amended. The program was developed in accordance with IMO Model Course 6.09 and National Standard for this training and includes themes of planning, organizing and conducting training of seafarers.

Successful graduates of this course can be used as instructors in conducting training of various categories of seafarers, including maritime specialty training, qualification courses in a profession, preparatory courses for acquiring qualification and additional and special training courses.

Persons who successfully complete this course acquire the knowledge and skills required by Regulations I/6 and I/8 of the STCW Convention 78, as amended, and Section A-I/6 and A-I/8 of the STCW'78 Code.

They must: know:

to analyze training processes for seafarers in accordance with international and national regulations; determine the appropriate training methods and tools.

and to be able to:

- apply international regulations for the training of seafarers at the management, operational and support level on merchant ships;

- evaluate and implement international seafarers' training regulations in relation to national legislation;

- carry out effective planning of seafarers' training; to draw up a training plan;

- draw up a curriculum.

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