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200,00 BGN
Еntry standards- the trainees must either have received approved or recognized training in Proficiency in Medical Care On Board Ship (in accordance with Section A-VI/4-2 of the STCW Code) or to hold a certificate of Proficiency in Medical Care On Board- refresher.
Certificate - after successful course completion Maritime Administration issues the respective certificate, valid for 5 years.

This course is intended for masters and other persons in charge of medical care to improve and update existing skills and knowledge in order to render first aid and medical assistance to sick and injured on board ships until expert attention is available. The course is in accordance with MLC Convention; EC Directive 1992/29EC and Regulation 9 of Ministry of Transport and the relevant national standard of Bulgarian Maritime Administration. After successful course completion, the trainees will have updated their knowledge of the types of ships’ medical equipment and stores and their use and to be able to:
- diagnose medical problems on board ship
- provide medical care to the sick and injured while they remain on board
- participate in co-ordinated schemes for medical assistance to ships.

According to the BMA requirements the course is videorecorded.

This course can be carried out and in English or Russian language, price 530 BGN.

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