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100,00 BGN
2 days (12 study hours)
The participants in the course are required to be certified sea going personnel in either management or operational level, as stipulated in STCW’78, as amended.

This course is intended for deck officers and engineers with minimum watchkeeping officer (engineer) capacity and also electrical engineers. The trainee must to know well the mandatory requirements , means and facilities for oil pollution prevention required as per SectionA-II/1 of Chapter II,A-III/1 and A-III/6 of Chapter III of the STCW.            

The Course is based on IMO “Model Course 1.38 -Marine Environmental Awareness - 2011 ” and the national maritime standard.

The purpose of the training is trainees to achieve the necessary theoretical knowledge and leader’s abilities for implementation and maintainance the required documentation for all activities, per existing requirements, in order to preserve surrounding environment from the produced on board garbage and any ships materials presenting treat for the nature environment.

Trainees, successfully completed this course, must:

Know - basis of the applicable ecology, basic international requirements and local rules and procedures for produced on board garbage and dangerous for the environment ships materials, ships and company procedures for environment preserving, all systems on board as well controlling machinery providing us with emission content information, ballast system and respective controlling equipment vessel s plan for solid waste handling also ship’s ballast plan.

and to be able to - to initiate correct actions in order to prevent any pollution in to the sea and to correctly communicate in case of actual marine pollution, to operate with the ballast and over board discharge systems and relevant discharge controlling apparatus, to implement correctly and on time all techniques and means for marine environment protections, to maintain and correctly record relevant entries in the ships log book for solid waste and ballast operations, to motivate all crew to safeguard the sea environment.


This course can be carried out and in English or Russian language - price 210 BGN.

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