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500,00 BGN
3 days (23 study hours)
The programme is developed in accordance to the requirements of Section A-VI/2 para.5-8,Table A-VI/2-2 of STCW'78, as amended, IMO Model course 1.24.

The course  provides the training for seafarers  to launch and take charge of a fast rescue boat and comprises the mandatory minimum requirements for training and issuing a certificate in accordance with the Section A-VI/2 para.5-8, Table A-VI/2-2 of STCW 78, as amended, IMO Model course 1.24 and Directive 2008/106/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.
This course aims to train the seafarers for establishment, preparation and maintenance of the competency, complying with the standards, regulations and recommendations laid out  in STCW 78, as amended Chapter VI, Section A-VI/2, Table A-VI/2-2, IMO Model course 1.24 and Directive 2008/106/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, regarding:
-       handling a fast rescue boat,
-       launching and recovering of the fast rescue boat in adverse weather and sea conditions,
-       operate the fast rescue boat engine,
-       use of all locating devices, including communication and signaling equipment between the rescue boat and a helicopter and the ship,
-       how to carry out search patterns.

Certificate - After successful course completion BMA  issues a certificate "Proficiency in fast rescue boats”  in  accordance with the Regulation VІ/2, paragraph 2 of STCW 78 (as amended) certifying that the holder has met the standards of competence, specified in Table A-VI/2-2 of STCW. The certificate is valid 5 years.

The course is provided in English or Russian language on customer request- price 920BGN.

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